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One step in advance!

Professional remanufactured Tonercartridges


2.000 cartridges +

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Deliverable worldwide

Printer consumables for almost every printer


Your brand!

Our recycling products

• Sustainably produced in Europe
• High-quality branded products
• MPS - software solution tested
• Most modern manufacturing in Europe
• Remanufactured Products

• Largest range of products


Our team is experienced, well-versed and open to all aspects of your day-to-day printing
Get to know the team!
“Remanufacturing used products is significantly more difficult than making new ones. A challenge that pays off for the environment, the consumer and us.”

Recep Ceylan

Managing Director

"Our customers are usually satisfied customers!
We have an open ear for you in all matters and act unbureaucratically and quickly."

Birgit Huber

Sales, Advisory and Support

“Satisfying our customers is our priority. Our sales channels are well organized and our goods are sustainable and of high quality.
I am convinced of that"

Isabelle Pelle

Sales Manager FR, GB

"Embatex cartridges have been officially awarded in Italy for their sustainability.
We are convinced of the high quality of our products."

Giovanni Ravelli

Sales Manager IT

“Our flexibility in reacting to individual customer requests and our reliability have established our products on the market.
We do it out of conviction."

Villi Concan

Sales Manager SLO

“Collecting and recycling empties helps to reduce resource consumption and thus protect
the environment.
It's a win-win situation."

Become a dealer!

Embatex products are available through our partners, who are supported by our team with great flexibility and commitment.

Make your unique story out of it!

Sustainability has a name!

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